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Dawn of the New B2B Digital Reality

In-person meetings are returning as some of the workforce is back to their offices, but is that what customers want in 2022?

Before the COVID-19 pandemic struck, industry leaders would be constantly on the lookout for new prospects and qualified leads and getting some facetime to close deals, such as offering high impact prospects event tickets or taking them to sporting events or speaking about things at business conferences. Surprisingly, given the industry, there was little science or technology behind core pipeline development or closing the deal faster.

Things are very different in 2022 though, direct marketing strategies must be updated to be more data-driven and in line with the preferences of potential clients. B2B sales teams must now overcome and adapt by adhering to a new B2B sales blueprint. Thanks to the paradigm shift due to the pandemic, this new digital reality is preferred by both B2B buyers and vendors.

There are still a few organizations who find this transition challenging, and rightly so. To overcome this new challenge, high performing teams must

  • put together the right teams for the job

  • develop simplified content that resonates with the firm's industry offerings

  • disseminate the content effectively

  • enable pre-sales and marketing operations to share relevant leads with sales

  • incorporate at least one day in a week without any video or in person meetings

  • monitor outcomes at all stages

vendit assists its partners in developing such strategies, putting those strategies into action, and streamlining the process of acquiring new customers. Working closely with each brand to create exceptional results, our expanding team has been addressing challenges and delivering results - enabling our customers and partners to thrive on the quality and data necessary to succeed in a digital world. Reach out to to learn how we can help your sales teams close faster.

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