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Imagine a dedicated, on-demand team carrying out for you all tasks such as appointment generation, lead nurturing, outbound outreach, reporting, and more, all while being extremely efficient, effective, and adaptable. Service also includes:

  • Content Migration

  • Deliverability Statistics

  • Outbound Strategy Consultation

  • Personalized Sequences

  • Platform Configuration

  • Reporting, Analytics & Optimizations

  • Team Platform Training


We identify your USPs and run wide open with them. Let vRES escalate your revenue and growth, where we do the heavy lifting while your sales teams focus on hot opportunities.


Speak with a solution expert today to learn more!

vendit's Revenue Escalation Services

Our vRES platform lets you run an outbound sales team with significantly lower costs and higher efforts by outsourcing sales tasks to a dedicated SDR team.

Available in English, Spanish, French, and German.

Speak with a solution expert today to learn more!

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