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Post-Pandemic Digital Shift - What Does it Mean for B2B Sellers?

It's happening. B2B marketing is being "consumerized" by utilizing digital client engagement strategies, pioneered by the likes of Google and Amazon. However, true B2B leaders go even farther. They are radically converting their marketing operations into data-and digital-driven robots that engage customers and drive sales better than ever before, in addition to quickly tracking their clients online. To deliver personalization at scale, they are using an explosion of B2B marketing advances, including marketing automation, nurture marketing, predictive analytics, content automation, and new account-based marketing (ABM) strategies.

So how to go about it yourself?

  • You can start with fixing the existing self-service choices you offer. For less complex demands, make sure customers can easily locate information, compare options, make purchases, and receive service via websites, for instance.

  • Quickly repair any issues with applications, mobile apps and websites. Keep an eye out for technical problems when they arise and fix them immediately. Such regret-free decisions may result in more revenue and enhance the digital experience in ways that encourage greater loyalty. It also means being adept with setting meeting bridges and lobbies. Not everyone likes the last minute change from Zoom to Teams.

  • Be human. When customers need assistance, have your sales folks available to them through phone or video call, or webchat; a 24/7 or 24/5 live presence can be very valuable especially when most people already deal with chatbots for majority of their interactions.

  • Consider yourself a buyer. Make sure every product or service, whether a new buy or a repeat transaction, offers a B2C-like experience across any channel. Connect your overall sales targets, feedback and reward programs to your sales goals. Be prepared and able to learn from customer feedback when they deal with sales representatives both in person and online. Always be present for your customer!

  • Track your development. Are you the main or backup supplier? What are your customer satisfaction, loyalty, and churn rates? Do you perform differently in person compared to online interactions? Learning and documenting progress would aid you to go faster and gain confidence to acquire more customers.

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