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Data Is  

The Great Equalizer

Do away with old unusable data, missing fields and bounced emails and gain insights and knowledge resting within your organizational data.

Allocate marketing resources wherever needed, while retaining the competitive edge and competing with larger, more established organizations. Guaranteed Timelines. Guaranteed Quality. Guaranteed Results.

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What We Do

At vendit , we simplify new customer acquisition experiences and provide certainty to the world's leading technology companies, marketing services providers, and media agencies with their demand creation and sales enablement processes.


We leverage the power of Big Data and Analytics layered with market intelligence, proprietary technologies and first party intent to increase market penetration while lowering the Cost Per Acquisition.



Fast-growing organizations use their data more efficiently, but for most it's still a challenge.

vendit offers bespoke data management solutions to ensure validated, clean, high-quality data for your Sales and Marketing CRMs. 


Scan through millions of ideal prospect profiles across the web via publicly available data sources and get ready to meet your future buyer.


Always one step ahead.

With strategies and tactics to drive interest and awareness in your products and services, break the mold, and generate demand, effortlessly. vendit nurtures leads across the sales funnel to help marketers at each stage of the buyer journey. Using the power of Machine Learning  and Natural Language Processing enabled algorithms, we provide best in class Demand Generation solutions.


Curated post syndication services to showcase your wares, and drive sales.

Boost your brand identity with carefully crafted and well-positioned content and don’t let potential customers pass you by. We work together to merge our creative visions to come up with something really spectacular. Leads that are ready and meaningful.


Understand. Forecast. Define.

The first step is crucial. What is keeping you updated with the changes in technology, customers' unmet needs, product changes, and economic conditions? We empower organizations with critical information about markets and changing business landscape.


Revenue Escalation Services

Our customized approach to your outreach efforts will give your pipeline that extra adrenaline shot it needs. Efficient and robust Contact Center Solutions to deliver

  • increased focus on strategy/core competencies

  • a larger pool of skills or resources

  • increased flexibility to meet changing business and commercial conditions

  • accelerated time to market

why vendit

Simplify Acquiring

New Customers

Buyers are people. 


Ideal Customer and Buyer Personas should be more about the challenges people face in their day-to-day activities and less about the demographics. 

vendit connects technology companies worldwide to genuine decision-makers and influencers making actual buying choices amongst a plethora of available options and helps them stand out, arming them with insights and adding more certainty to each opportunity.

By following pertinent buying signals from over a million opted-in members, vendit ensures you are closer to real decision-makers and makes the buying process more accurate and predictable. 

How can we do this for your organization, let's find out?

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Why work with us?


What our customers say

In a market so crowded, I was skeptical to onboard a new vendor and I'm happy to say couldn't have made a better decision by choosing vendit. In just a few months, vendit has proved to be a reliable strategic partner and has delivered more than we initially expected, week after week. Some of our requirements change on the fly and vendit has always accomodated our priorities and delighted us with their proactive approach.

 Senior Manager - Partner Relations at a Media Agency

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