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Let It Go: Minimalism in Demand Generation

Not always is more better. We all know this too well but rarely put it into practice.

Most of my coworkers, friends, and relatives who work remotely or at home have noted that the best work frequently starts with a clear desk and an uncluttered mind. But what about email marketing, more is better, right? No such thing as bad publicity, eh.

Remember May 25, 2018, due of the implementation of GDPR in Europe and eventually, similar regulations around the world, databases had to be cleaned up and contact lists drastically shrunk. As a result, a lot of companies have reduced their email marketing efforts and are turning to different strategies, including paid social, outsourced demand generation, etc. to nurture leads through the funnel.

According to a survey conducted by vendit of 750 companies, we saw that those who improved their distribution lists ahead of the new regulations have seen engagement (measured by both open and click-through rates) considerably rise. Simply put: email spam is frowned upon worldwide. There are US’s CAN-SPAM Act, Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation, and the EU’s E-Privacy Directive, to name a few.

The simple answer is that customers are now receiving the messages that they desire. In a mobile-first world, increased segmentation and personalization have also been crucial in raising engagement rates because they offer consumers the idea that businesses are speaking directly to them.

Diversification of approach is crucial too. Posting thought leadership articles on a field, item, business, or solution on social media constitutes demand generation. Posting information—both yours and that of others—that raises awareness of a prospect's need is the aim. Its goal is to raise awareness of problems, remedies, and providers at the top of the funnel.

Demand generation today needs to be viewed as a component of a comprehensive program. Due to the interaction between the various channels, you must consider the entire length of the marketing funnel. Demand generation no longer involves pursuing leads down the sales funnel that you can hand off to the sales team and forget about. Most decision makers don't even read such emails and most spam filtering algorithms stop those emails from being delivered to the inbox.

Most email marketing in the not-too-distant past consisted on "blast" messages delivered to a large group of subscribers. Consider a time when you got an untargeted email offering a deal or promotion in which you weren't particularly interested. In the best situation, the email caused just minor discomfort. The worst-case scenario is an unsubscribe. However, things took a U-turn during the pandemic when employees across the world had too much on their plate and every minute of their productive time had be accounted for. Many organization saw a decline in their email open and click rates. It is about time that organizations do away with the Spray-and-Pray approach and lean towards more targeted, relevant messaging oriented demand generation practices.

vendit helps organizations around the globe deliver impactful, thoughtfully crafted demand generation and email sequences ensuring the reputation and prestige of our partners and customers remains in safe hands and grows organically. Reach out to to learn how we can help your organization increase their Inbox Placement rate. You can also book a meeting with us directly by using this link.

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